Jim O'Grady For Franklin County Municipal Court Judge


Jim O'Grady serves the public as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office where he protects the people of Franklin County by indicting and prosecuting felony offenders. He works closely with local law enforcement agencies and seeks justice for victims of serious crime.

Jim was born and raised in Columbus. He was lucky enough to know he wanted to work in the criminal justice system at an early age, as Jim watched his father be sworn in as a Franklin County Judge. As a lifelong Columbus resident and graduate of Northland High School, he is proud to maintain his ties to the community by continuing to serve the people of Franklin County. Jim earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Ohio Dominican University, and received his Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law School.

Prior to his appointment as an Assistant Prosecutor, Jim spent fifteen years working for the judiciary as a bailiff and Magistrate in the Franklin County Municipal Court. While a Magistrate in the Small Claims Division of the Municipal Court, Jim presided over many civil trials and ensured fairness and just outcomes for the parties appearing before him, as he understood that Small Claims is truly the court of the people. As a bailiff to a sitting Judge, Jim worked tirelessly to improve the Court by streamlining court operations and assisting attorneys, victims, and witnesses in navigating the judicial system. Jim's devotion to the Franklin County Municipal Court is strengthened by his experience of seeing that the busiest Courthouse in the state is the first exposure many residents have to the criminal justice system - whether it be for a traffic ticket, as a witness to a neighbor's barking dog, or as a plaintiff in a small claim's action. Jim's desire to have that first exposure be as civil, productive, and efficient as possible has driven his decision to run for Judge.

Jim and his wife Amy have been married for 7 years, and have a daughter, Lucy.